Maclaren SLR 2008

My Maclaren SLR was one of those super cars, I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to own. It was a car ahead of its time launched in 2003, a partnership between Mercedes and Maclaren and this marriage produced a magnificent car. The vehicle is hand build using carbon fibre and is extremely well balanced, has unbelievable breaking due to its carbon ceramic discs, with neck breaking acceleration 0-100 in 3.4 seconds and top a speed of 334km delivered by a 5.4L Mercedes super charged engine with 617 HP. It sounds like a 100 drums in unison when pushed.

Driving it on the road is as easy as driving any luxury Mercedes with the main difference being that you have extreme power and handling at your disposal. The SLR has all the luxuries and the good news is they all function which is a huge plus for a super car. This vehicle is also the closest you will come to driving a road car with luxurious features on a race track. It makes the most amazing noise and accelerates out of corners better than most high end sports cars of today. If you want to see the best review produced on this car go watch Top Gear where Jeremy puts an SLR through its paceses and manages to catch fire to the brakes. One of my favourite episodes ever, trust me go watch it. The car is simply beautiful the long front and the pointy nose immediately tell you that this is something special. The shark like fins on the sides, exhausts comming out on either side underneath the doors and the turbine wheels are spectacular features. Although the best feature undoubtedly are the doors which open upwards and make this car iconic and timeless. I really have to count my blessings in owning this car as it has stopped me from spending money and buying modern super cars as they fail to substantially impress me as much as this legend full of character and forgiving qualities. SLR Rules.

Tim Vieira

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