Ferrari Testarossa

My 1989 Ferrari Testarossa is one of my favourite cars as it was hanging on my wall as a poster for most of my teenage years.
It was also a movie star with a main role in Miami Vice in a cool white colour.
It was also the most expensive car when launched in 1984.
It has a beautiful sound produced by a flat 12 cylinder engine, doing 0-100km in 5.2 seconds and with a top speed of 295km (personally driven it at 272km)
It’s very respectable even in today’s performance figures. Huge egg slicers on the side (air vents) and the widest rear of any Ferrari to date makes the Testarossa stand out in any crowd. Driving it is thrilling, it’s just like having a big race cart that handles and drives better than you could have imagined. Just like a good Italian car it will keep you on your toes as interior buttons might not work but overall it’s a very reliable vehicle.

Again I love it and it’s my one and only Ferrari.

Tim Vieira

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